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Beautiful home offices

With a lot of us working from home at the moment and trying to build a business from home, I've been dreaming about my ideal home office...

Ideally Jamie and I would have linked spaces but our styles are quite different so they'd have to be separated by some black framed Crittall doors or something similar I think to tie them together!

My space would have lots of storage as I tend to hoard material samples, magazines, books, paper samples, everything (it's good for research and inspiration) plus shelves and areas to display things I'm finding most inspiring at the time, organised chaos is essentially the vibe.

I think having a creative job, being inspired by your work space is the most important thing, so if it was an attic room or a mezzanine with lots of light and a desk facing a big window to the outside world even better, as there's nothing more inspiring that nature and people watching!

Now we just need a house big enough for a home office...


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