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— we’re Jamie & Charlotte
We started ‘roost’ back in 2018 when we bought our first investment property, the classic ‘vanilla’ buy-to-let. We started with a DIY Instagram account and one thing lead to another…
Fast forward 2 years and we’d found a passion for turning old wrecks into beautiful homes and figured, why not help other property investors do the same? Our commercial backgrounds feeds into all our projects, meaning we deliver projects on brief, brand and budget!


There are so many interior design firms out there, but with our completely polar opposite backgrounds of design & brand (Charlotte) and finance & business (Jamie) we like to think we’ve got a balance…even if it means we bicker occasionally.

Charlotte Richardson roost Interior Design Creative Director

Charlotte — Creative Director

I started working professionally in design straight after my degree and haven’t looked back since. Over 12 years I worked with a range of brands across sectors including Wagamama, Aperol, New Era, Glenmorangie, Benefit, M&S, as well as start-ups.

I've been lucky to work on such a variety of projects delivering branding, window design, retail spaces, brand events, exhibition stands and all the stuff that goes along with it. Working to a client brief and ensuring it's brought to life in the best possible way is what excites me about each and every project.


In 2020 I took a leap and left my long-term contract to pursue roost full time. Without our investment properties to cover bills, I definitely wouldn't have been as confident going it alone, so love working with people who are looking to do the same and helping you reach that goal quicker.


I can't wait to hear about your projects and see what we can create together.

Jamie Dennis roost Interior Design Business Director

Jamie — Business Director

After I finished my Business with Marketing degree the obvious next step was to spend a decade working in Finance. I started out in a Treasury role looking after comically large amounts of money, learning that systems and processes are the key to not losing track of things. I then moved to Risk Management, learning how to look at something and predict how it might go terribly wrong (and then how to prevent it from happening).


Alongside working, Charlotte and I renovated two properties. My role was first and foremost demolition but also chief problem solver. I really enjoyed taking what I had in front of me and turning it into something closely resembling Charlotte’s design requirements. 


The systems and process driven problem solving is what I bring to roost and I make sure that we are the most effective, responsive and supportive designers we can be, so you get the most out of your investment - even if all the lists, schedules and procedures drive Charlotte mad.


Tablet computer showing elevation drawings of a bathroom interior design.

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