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I want to maximise the value of my property—

but I don't have an unlimited budget

HMO shared dining space design with bespoke panelling wood dining table, bench and black dining chairs.
We know the demands property can put on your wallet and the disappointment when big compromises have to be made.


When costs are increasing and budgets are tight, something needs to go, but you know that cutting back on your interiors will greatly reduce the return on investment and leave the property hanging around on the market for too long. As investors ourselves, we know just how many costs are involved in making a project successful and that everything needs to earn its place.

We help you increase the value of your property, achieve higher rents, reduce costs and speed up your exit by:

  • Finding the most cost effective layouts

  • Allocating budget in the right places, to give you the best return on investment

  • Scouring suppliers to find everything you need to make your design a reality, on budget

  • Getting creative with great value pieces that give a high-end look without the price tag

  • Passing on trade discounts

Ready to maximise your return? Book in a free call to see if we're a good fit for your business.


Explore all possible layouts to find the one that most cost effectively maximises your available space.


Develop an interior look and feel that will generate a higher return without blowing your budget (you tell us what you're looking to spend).


Create realistic 3D visualisations, helping your contractor avoid costly mistakes and allowing you to market early — less time on market = reduced void periods and less costs.

Elevations give trades mm precise drawings to work off so there's no room for error (or miscommunication!).


Everything down to the last light switch, passing on 100% of trade discounts, we find affordable ways to create a premium product while sticking to your budget.


Create a unique brand for your properties and business, that buyers trust and will pay a premium for.


Person using laptop to review interior design specification trying to save money.

“How investing in a designer can save you money”

"Not only did it pay for itself, we stayed on budget and produced one of the highest yielding properties for student HMO in the area. We also hit a higher property valuation allowing us to pull more money out than expected."


Case Study

A beautiful 7 bedroom property in the heart of Swansea, in desperate need of some love! Empty and overgrown for decades it was completely transformed into luxury accommodation. With a large extension and 3 floors, this was a whale of a first project!

Here we helped our client:

  • Achieve £140,000 over their expected valuation, and the highest rent in the area

  • Save money on supplier costs by utilising trade discounts and value engineering

  • Achieve a high end look within budget

  • Achieve full occupancy after 2 days on the market for 18 months, based on renders alone

  • Let the property on a short term basis until new academic year — meaning no voids!

Logos of property developers who used our interior design service.


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