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How investing in an Interior Designer can save you money

Seems counterintuitive...spending money to save, and even make money? But a professional interior designer might be the best investment you make.

Avoid Mistakes

It’s crucial to think of the design as a whole before getting started. Often the vital first steps are missed and it only means trouble down the road, when the result doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

An interior designer will help you to visualise the final result before any money is spent. Changes are much easier (/cheaper and less stressful) made on paper than on site! Planning ahead also means contractor's quote against your specification, so no nasty surprises!

Visualisation of a space can be difficult and complicated, especially if walls haven’t been moved or extensions not built yet. If you struggle to visualise, having a designer on board early means that not only can you see everything before work starts, but every room is planned to the mm, making sure the execution is perfect.

Tablet showing interior design mooodboard place on top of realistic 3D kitchen render and paint plan

Trade Discounts

As a developer you’re not doubt used to getting trade deals for kitchens and big purchases. As interior designers we also build our own relationships with trusted material and furniture suppliers, to ensure you’re getting the best quality for the best price.

Great Design = Higher Returns

Based on his experience Albert Hill, a founding director of The Modern House suggests:

“In the past, the Joneses may have been impressed by how many bedrooms you had, or how far your garden extended, but today it’s more about how you’ve used the space that you have. How, in short, it has been designed.”

HMO Social Space Cinema Room design. Navy walls with wood divide and modern lighting

Cinema—style living area for Parkhurst Properties

The properties we work on consistently achieve market-leading rents and above area valuations, because thought is put into the initial stages to ensure everything works together at the end.

Knowing when to spend

Sometimes the cheapest option is not always the best value. If a £50 tap lasts 3 years and a £120 lasts 10, long term it makes sense to invest that little bit more. A professional designer knows the areas that appeal to buyers and can allocate your budget accordingly to maximise impact. People think that interior design is fluffing cushions…when actually it’s more about the spreadsheets!

Also, knowing exactly where your money is going enables you to stay on budget and make the right decisions from the start.

Time is Money

How long have you got to spend looking for the right tile/flooring/worktop to suit your scheme? Would that time be better spent sourcing the next deal, catching up with investors or having a break and seeing friends and family?

There are hundreds of decisions to make: considering target markets, layout options, material selection, durability, cost, lead times, pulling a scheme together. Have you got time to weigh up all the pros and cons of each one?

We understand the value of your time, it's precious. With our contacts and knowledge we are able to produce a creative specification in a fraction of the time, letting you get on with what matters most!

Future Proofing

If your long-term plan is to keep adding to your portfolio, a good interior designer will intentionally create a scheme that can be rolled out across multiple types of property, creating a blueprint for future projects (with colour palette, furniture style etc), or give enough flexibility so that it can be tweaked each time to give a brand feel with a fresh look.

Looking to invest in your interior design? Get in touch and let's conquer the market together!



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