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5 Interior Design Secrets to Increase Your Property's Value

Skipping over the obvious of adding square footage...

Based on his experience Albert Hill, a founding director of The Modern House suggests: “Today’s consumer increasingly values experiences over products, and well-designed spaces that you occupy every day offer just the sort of transformative experiences that buyers aspire to.

In the past, the Joneses may have been impressed by how many bedrooms you had, or how far your garden extended, but today it’s more about how you’ve used the space that you have. How, in short, it has been designed.”

Know your target market…

Inside out, back to front, better than they know themselves.

And don’t be afraid to get specific.

Where do they work?

How many kids do they have?

What do they do for fun?

Are they the life and soul of the party or more reserved?

What are their goals and challenges?

What drives purchases?

I will never get tired of this comparison...

Image of Prince Charles & Ozzy Osbourne, to show demographics aren't as important as behaviours

It’s so easy to get carried away with design choices — there’s so much inspiration out there! But designing for an investment is very different to your own home and it takes a strong will to take your own opinion out of the equation. Having a clear picture in your mind about who specifically will live in the property keeps them front of mind.

When someone feels the emotional pull of walking into a space they feel has been designed specifically for them, you’re more likely to create the need to buy!

Be different!

If you’re doing the same as everybody else on the street, you can expect a very similar valuation.

Not gonna lie, it’s ballsy and scary to go against the grain. To potentially have to challenge a contractor to do something different isn’t always easy either. But it’s where the magic happens.

If you want to stand out, something’s got to be different to every other house/room in the area.

For our recent client project, we redesigned the ground floor layout so they could incorporate a full dining table and seating for every housemate. No other property in this (very competitive!) area does it like this.

HMO shared dining space design with bespoke panelling wood dining table, bench and black dining chairs.

HMO shared kitchen, living, diner design.

Check your flow

Space planning is one of those things that when done properly, should go unnoticed, because the rooms just work.

An example, trying to squeeze in extra rooms to on paper give more rent, can actually have a negative impact and cause problems that affect a valuation…

When you start noticing that you need to walk a longer route around a sofa to get to the back door because a communal area is squeezed, have an awkward door clash, or need to turn sideways to get down the side of a bed, that’s when you know you’ve got issues! All of these things are avoidable with proper space planning.

Don’t rely on a showroom ‘kitchen designer’

You would assume that going to a kitchen designer at a high street retailer will give you the best result.

From our experience. It won’t.

It really is luck of the draw as to who you get on the day, how detailed they are and how much work they’re willing to put in to make sure you get the best end product. So be prepared to challenge them.

Look at your existing kitchen (if there is one, or compare to neighbours) and make a list of what's currently working well and what could be improved. Is there enough storage? Is it easy to prepare food/have multiple people cooking/access the bin the way it's currently laid out? Do you want it to feel more sociable? Working out these things will help inform your layout and create the best space possible.

Don’t forget — kitchens sell houses! It’s worth the time investment to get them right.

Modern kitchen design with dark navy cabinets and white tile. Natural wood and quartz island.

Make an entrance

Hallways are often forgotten about in design schemes, but they are the first and last impression a potential buyer will have, so make them clean, tidy and memorable.

First impressions count for everything so ensure the property exterior sets the tone when a valuer or potential buyer pulls up outside, even a simple paint job and clean can work wonders.

Looking to get the maximum returns on your property investment — email me today today and let's chat!


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