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7 Ways to Add Character to Your New Build with Interior Design

When you’re selling the dream and it doesn’t include furniture, it can be tricky for a potential customer to envision themselves within a home. Use these ideas for new build interior design homes.

Never underestimate the power of great lighting!

Spotlights, on dimmers, have their place — but that place is not everywhere!

Feature lighting brings so much character and interest to a home and can really bring a space to life. For new builds and rentals we focus heavily on lighting design to maximise the look of the space and create mood. This is one area where you don’t want to scrimp, because there’s nothing more depressing than seeing a solo undersized shade hanging in a room, let alone a bare bulb.

Add character with colour

The benefit of new builds is (generally) the walls are flat, the plaster is smooth and the corners are 90 degrees. So far so good. But this can translate to plain white boxes. To be honest anything other than Pure Brilliant White (too stark) or Magnolia (Do I even need to explain?) and you’re halfway there, soft neutrals? Great. Heritage colours? Great. Even bolder choices, within reason of course, will make your property memorable.

Heritage Touches

Buyers love the convenience of a new build home, but it doesn’t mean they want to forgo features such as fireplaces, which really add a focal point as well as warmth to a property. Simple panelling or a more intricate skirting board choice can also help add depth, texture and character to spaces that are otherwise simple.

Melanie Lissack Interiors / Corston Architectural Detail

Focus on the detail

A blank canvas can be great for buyers to not be put off by a previous owners design choices (or excess stuff) but when there’s no furniture to really build the dream it can be tricky to imagine yourself living in a home. It’s then you start to focus on other things…which might seem like insignificant details.

Door handles, ironmongery, sockets, switches, all of these things are now the focus of a buyer’s attention, so they need to be great quality and thoughtfully designed.

Bespoke Details

A new build room can often feel soulless, adding bespoke built-in elements such as media units, wardrobes, pantries etc all add character and add up to value in a buyers mind. The cost of wardrobes can run to thousands for just one bedroom so including them not only maximises the floorspace, it’s one less thing for buyers to worry about when they move in. Bring your toothbrush, your wardrobe awaits…

Make an effort with flooring

A stunning floor can be a real wow when you enter a home and add some much needed charm to an empty room! Parquet was once a sign of being wealthy but now all sorts of looks can be achieved for a fraction of the cost.

Pretty up the entrance

Long gone are the days when people were happy to live on estates that all looked the same, even something as simple as a different front door colour or interesting ironmongery adds personality. It’s the first thing you see when you arrive, so it should be welcoming! Like this one using Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal...

We help developers and property investors create characterful homes, follow roost interior designer for new build to maximise your investments., get in touch today —


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