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Brave Ground - Colour of the Year

So another year and another colour from Dulux for 2021. It really doesn’t feel like an entire year since “Tranquil Dawn” was announced but here we are! I’m not sure that anyone really bought into last year’s shade but this year I think “Brave Ground” will have more traction as neutrals are generally in favour most of the time.

I do love this type of colour as it brings a calming, natural feel to a space. However, I won’t be rushing to buy tins of the stuff for a wall colour, as this has a large chance of being pretty dull on full walls if you’re not careful, I would incorporate it tonally through furnishings (rugs, cushions, curtains etc) and furniture to bring more texture and character into a room, although don’t think that the irony is lost that 2020 is summed up by essentially a flat brown. Use all the beautiful, tonal shots below to guide you.


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