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Can an Interior Designer save me time?

The most common reason developer’s approach us is because they don’t have time to design. If this is you — congratulations! Your business is stepping it up and that’s great.

Have you ever been pulling your hair out when a contractor says last minute that they need bathrooms suites on-site next week…and you’ve not even started looking?!

Or had something turn up on site that you just hate?! (that you were up until midnight buying)

Having an interior designer do the legwork for you not only saves your time, but will give you a much better end result — with minimal stress for you!

Fact is — we’re quicker. We do this all day every day, we should be!

Decision paralysis can completely halt a project

If decisions aren’t made, work stops.

But when you’ve got 5 blue paint swatches in front of you, and 5 already on the wall — it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and be confident in your decision, without throwing in “will it work with the floor/tile/curtain colour?!” Every time this happens it can cost hours, whole evenings…or even days!

Working with a designer means they will take your brief and curate the best scheme based on their knowledge and expertise, leaving you with only 1 or 2 big decisions to make, rather than hundreds of small ones.

Interior Design moodboard, elevation drawing, floorplan and colour palette

Liaising with contractors saps your time and energy

Which is why we plan everything to the mm, using scale plans, elevations and paint schedules to make sure each contractor knows where everything should be.

Without this time spent upfront, at best you’ll get loads of phone calls each week asking about where things should go. At worst the contractor will take it upon themselves and you’ll end up spending more time (and money) altering something later down the line…or living with the mistake.

For many clients their contractors have a direct line to us, meaning that we can answer any questions they have about the design there and then, or problem solve on-site if anything unexpected comes up. These phone calls and meetings can be stress-inducing, but having someone on your side with an in-depth knowledge of how things should be done, is invaluable in both time-saving and getting the end result you want.

If you love designing, but hate the stress and time pressure...

Outsourcing will help. A good designer won’t ignore your brief and do whatever they feel like, they’ll work with you to create the best possible end result. At roost we keep our clients as involved in the design process as they want to be — because we know it’s the fun bit! Seeing them get excited about the process again makes our job so much more rewarding.

If you're looking to get some time back — get in touch today!

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