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Compact Offices - Making More out of Less

Working from home for the past 4 and a half weeks has really thrown up some questions on our flat - mainly why we chose to have a spare/crap/laundry room rather than having a home office?! The number of nights we’ve had people to stay since we’ve owned the place I’m sure has been exceeded already by the number of days working from home this year alone…but who knew!

The main reason is that the room is very small, but even if you’ve got a bigger home it’s often difficult to have a dedicated spaces for work, let alone a whole room. As we’ll be wfh for a reasonable amount of time I’ve been looking at ways to incorporate a work area into an existing space without encroaching too much. It's also a longer term goal for the future with running our own business so it's helped to do a lot of the upfront research.

Beautiful offices don't have to be complete rooms, and personally I think it's nicer to have a shared/open space (depending on how willing you are to share it!) So working with what you've already got can be a good option, it could be the oddly shaped nook in a room that gets “broken planned” with a divider or change of floor (we’re currently looking at a place to move to that has the PERFECT space for this) or even hidden in a cupboard or under the stairs, great for shutting it all away at the end of the day.

What I love about these examples is that small doesn’t need to mean devoid of personality, even on a small 'shelf desk' attached to the wall, get some artwork or something you love up on the shelves or wall to keep your workspace happy and productive, be considerate with materials to create the perfect working environment for you or be creative with colour. Different shades can drastically affect our mood and productivity so choose the one that get's you going!


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