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How Great Design Keeps you Ahead of the Market

Great design isn’t about plumping cushions, or what feature colour the walls will be. Great design solves problems (and looks good doing it).

A great interior improves the functionality of a space, making it better suited to its purpose. For example, if you're designing a bedroom designers will make material and layout choices that create a relaxing environment. For an office, great design keeps you focused while reducing stress.

In essence, great design makes life better... and who doesn't want to improve their lives?

Realistic 3D render of a bedroom. Relaxed nuetral tones with natural materials create a calming interior.

Property isn't easy money...but a simple redecoration can achieve a

5—10% uplift and with a larger, well-designed refurb produces more like

25—30%. Not too shabby.

As a developer you need to wear so many different hats that it's nigh on impossible for one person to do it all. For example, if you're a numbers person, who isn't used to designing or is intimidated by the

insta-perfect interiors of other developers - that feeling of stress and the sense of overwhelm isn't surprising. BUT, the truth is, great design does add £££ to your bottom line, so it's worth investing in.

Previously design was a nice to have, now it’s necessary to get the best return on your investment. As buyers become more sophisticated and social media shows them non-stop, glossy magazine worthy spaces - expectations are high - and there’s plenty of other developers out there taking note.

Our best tips for keeping ahead?

— Know your target buyer/tenant inside out and design for them

— Be Different! If you’re doing the same as everybody else, you can only expect the same result

— Challenge your contractor. Often anything out of the norm is met with eye rolls…push through it!

Working with an interior designer that can guide you though the process (who has done it hundreds of times) is a sure fire way to help you stand out from the crowd. With roost you can stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Call us now to find out how we can work together - lets chat!

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