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How to Create a Timeless Interior Design

Trends often come and go, but there are certain elements of design that will never go out of style. If you're developing a property for sale, a trend led interior can work wonders in creating that must-have home. However, if you're looking at a longer term investment, being on-trend can be your worst enemy, creating more work over the following years trying to keep up or risk looking dated! A trend whose day has come and gone can immediately date a room, and no matter what else you put in there it can be tough to overcome.

We love schemes with staying power — it just makes business sense, but how can you strike a balance between the classic and the trendy?

Use natural materials

A winner even before lockdown, natural materials create feel-good spaces, but also spaces that don't date so quickly. Classic finishes such as wood, stone, metal and marble create a stylish environment that's consistently in-demand.

Strong colour schemes — rooted in nature

Same as materials, any colour scheme with a natural base — even a bold one — will stand the test of time (as it has done out in the wild for thousands of years!) However it doesn't mean a trend-led colour is totally off limits. If you're looking to inject more trendy elements into your interiors, doing it with accessories and accents is a great way to nod to a trend, without having to replace everything in 2 years. It also means a more cost effective update if you get tired of it.

If you want a timeless look keep it small and keep it subtle!

Keep it simple, and go for quality

Especially on the big stuff. Quality sofas, kitchens, fixtures etc in classic designs will always stand the test of time, so spending slightly more on better quality items will pay dividends. Avoid overly ornate furniture and architectural details and stick with clean, classic lines that won’t date. A more minimal room with quality furnishings and materials will age better than an overcrowded interior with lower quality pieces.

Mix old and new

Mixing modern elements in with traditional pieces is a great way to confuse the viewer! Not sticking to one specific style means an interior isn't so easily dated, and can be refreshed in multiple ways.

Get the fundamentals right

A successful interior design is nothing without a good foundation, i.e. great flow and functional spaces. Nailing your layout is the first step to a perfectly timeless interior. It's not sexy to think about energy efficiency, storage and durability...but those fundamentals pay dividends that outlast the shiny things!

However, there are a few "trends" that we think are here to stay...

Image: Centsational Style


It's been around for centuries and is a great way to add texture to a space. The variety of designs that can be created is so vast, just make sure the panelling style suits the period of your property.

Decorating with Green

The natural look is here to stay, with green being at the heart of it! With so many shades available, whether you love a sage, olive or forest, green is grand!

Arches & Curves

This one goes back to the has stood the test of time already! Whether it's doorways, tiles or mirrors, arches soften a space and adding visual interest, bringing curves into the contemporary


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