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Interior Trends 2022

So after our little poll on Instagram, all the trends we put forward for 2022 were deemed 'hot'! So if you were a fan, here's how to implement them into your own properties...

**NB we're not usually one for "trends" but these are the ones we think will stand the test of time

Coloured Kitchens

Great for: Adding some pizzazz (sp?!) to a flip, new build scheme or serviced accommodation

We're all for a classic combination, especially when it's usually a biggest chunk of the budget, but sometimes you want something more than a standard grey cupboard to really wow in the kitchen. Luckily lots of high street retailers are introducing more colour to their standard ranges, as well as lots of paintable options (albeit at the higher end) meaning there's limitless opportunity to play!

If you're not sure whether the world of colourful kitchens is for you, we recommend shades of green or blue, as they're generally more neutral or maybe try mixing two different colours for cabinets to start with. As much as "keep it neutral" can be good advice, giving tenants and buyers something a little more exciting in the kitchen will set you apart. Magnet, IKEA and Wren are all bringing in more interesting colours to their affordable ranges.

If the thought of coloured cabinets is just too much, colour can be introduced more subtley through accessories or splashbacks...which are much easier to change!

Interior Design Trends 2022: Stunning coloured kitchen by Rebecca Wakefield

Statement Lighting

Great for: Adding wow factor to all types of properties

Lighting is one of those things that is so often overlooked but can make SO much difference. The most basic room comes alive with a statement light as it gives a focal point to the space, with 2022 seeing lighting as decoration, as well as for function.

Top Tip for making a statement with lighting:

If you love the look of a statement light don't be afraid to go big! One of the biggest things we see is going too small with a ceiling fitting. For affordable statement pieces our go-tos are: Lights & Lamps, Made, IKEA & B&Q

If you find a smaller light you love — repeat it to make a statement! This works especially well with wall lights.

Inspired by Nature

Great for: High-end HMOs

Our connection to nature and the outside world has never been more important, so it's no surprise that we see a continuation in our love for greens, blues and natural fabrics, with the introduction of terracotta for 2022. Earthy colours are always a great shout to create a classic and calming feel in any space and if you see colours working harmoniously in the natural world...chances are they'll sit together beautifully in an interior.

If you want to add more nature into your properties but don't want to go full-on painted walls, we love Zara Home & H&M for great value linen and textured cushions as well as nature-inspired accessories and organic prints for dressing that can really give you a high-end look for minimal outlay. Layering materials such as rattan, wicker, marble, timber, jute and textured fabrics in furniture and accessories, even in small quantities, helps to bring the outside in.

Top Tip - Use linen table runners as a cheaper alternative bed throw!

Sleep Sanctuary

Great for: All! Doesn't everyone want a chilled bedroom?

Again unsurprisingly, bedrooms have become hugely important to us and in 2022 it's predicted popular bedroom interiors will include comforting neutral tones with textured wall coverings or panelling used to add a sense of hotel luxury to sleep spaces (searches for statement headboards rose 87% from last year!)

Quick Tips for creating a zen bedroom in your property:

- Build-in as much as possible so clutter can be hidden away

- Layer your lighting — how many light switches do you have in hotel rooms?! Being able to dim and change the lighting to suit the mood or need just makes life so much more relaxing

- Focus on natural fabrics and materials, layered natural textures like linen and cotton in a soft neutral palettes for headboards or dressing, create a calming, cocooning feel but also look very high-end

Dual-Purpose Rooms

Great for: HMOs, new builds and flips

Multifunctional spaces aren't anything new, but there are ways to plan them so they don't just feel like vast rooms, or that everything's just jammed into one space because it doesn't fit anywhere else. With the rise of working from home and different family set ups, we're constantly asking for more and more flexibility from our homes.

Quick Tips for multi-functional rooms

- ZONE ZONE ZONE...what's happening where and what does it require in terms of lighting/furniture?

- Rugs are a winner when it comes to zoning a large room as the automatically anchor the furniture and suggest different uses within the larger space.

- Half height walls, partition screens and even paint can be used to define different areas

- Get creative! e.g. alcove shelving can become an ad hoc desk as long as it's the right height or creating a partition that also doubles as a desk, wardrobe, headboard, tv unit etc etc (this is great when you need to keep options open)

Interior Design Trends 2022: Dual function bedroom and office workspace


Great for: All strategies

A hot topic across all industries and definitely becoming a conscious choice for developers, whether new build or on the interior renovation side. We always suggest investing in good-quality pieces that will last, although it may not be the cheapest in the short term, the longer term gain is not having to replace it so often (SAVING £££) and a better quality product for tenants. Reusing elements from an existing building, up-cycling or even passing on things like kitchen units that might be useful to somebody else is also a great way to stop perfectly good items ending up in the bin.

Bonus Tip: Get creative with your offcuts and waste materials! We especially love using worktop offcuts for shelves or bathroom tops as it creates a luxurious look, for less money.

Mixing styles

Great for: Show homes, high-end rentals

Going for a look that isn't really a 'look'? Totally get that an eclectic feel isn't for every project but mixing styles for a show home or flip is a great way to make a new build feel more homely...and well, not like a new build. Through contrasting so many different styles you essentially create a look that is timeless and very luxurious yet understated.

Top tips: If you're going to mix styles, really go for it, the more contrasting the better, like this show home from Studio Ashby, where the industrial staircase and palette contrast heavily with the delicate decorative pieces and organic art!

Interior Design Trends 2022: High end mixed style by Studio Ashby

Do you think you'll be implementing any of these trends in 2022?

- Charlotte -


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