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Secrets of show home interior design

Like a shop window, a show home interior design is super important in delivering sales for your new build development. It might be the difference between selling your units quickly or having them sat on the market costing you time and money. So how do you nail the show home?

Make it memorable

Buyers may be looking at a lot of show homes, and eventually they can all blur into one. They all had a white marble worktop, they all had black taps and walnut wardrobes, they all had chopped cushions and beige rugs. Buyer’s will find themselves getting confused - “Was it the one by the Pub?”, “No, I think it was the other one by the station”

Do something in your show home interior design that will make them remember you. Whether that’s a really vivid piece of art, a new techy gadget that they can play with or even the experience of being walked round by a really great guide can be the difference between fading into the memory mist or standing out from the crowd.

Not the time to play safe: Key statement lighting fixtures, furniture or colours can help make your property memorable to prospective buyers.

Spark Imagination

Show home interior design is very similar to any other visual merchandising. People don’t buy products, they buy ideas and experiences. If it’s a handbag showing a model in Paris looking fantastic, the customers are buying the idea that they too can be more glamorous if they buy one too.

It’s the same with home, if your target market is families, sell the idea of harmonious family meals around the beautiful dining table. Show storage filled with toys so parent’s imagine themselves being able to hide the mess. Create master bedrooms that are sanctuaries from the bustle of family life. Sell the idea, not the house.

Get them moving in by selling the dream: create spaces that resonate with people, whether it be a kid's room, wine cellar or walk in wardrobe!

Cool & Calm but Confident

The old estate agent favourite of white-washing or even worse magnolia-washing a property in order to “appeal to everyone” is the same as appealing to no one. A plain white box is boring and won’t excite anyone.

Yes, show home interiors design should be cool and calming but they should also be confident. Use colour to engage potential buyers through accents and soft furnishings. We’re not saying paint the whole room red but bring in different textures and colours to lift the space. Some people might be put off by your choices but it’s better to have 100 people love it and 10 people hate it, than 1,000 people feel nothing at all.

Get them moving in by selling the dream: create spaces that resonate with people, whether it be a kid's room, wine cellar or walk in wardrobe!

The attraction of a new home is being able to walk in with a toothbrush. Creating a homely feeling using colour and texture (even in small doses!) helps create that atmosphere

Detail Matters

Potential buyers will have expectations, either created from their experience buying other homes, viewing other new build developers or created from the marketing materials that have brought them to your show home. You have to match or exceed that expectation.

The quickest way to disappoint potential buyers and not meet their expectations is to miss the details. Whether that’s scuffed skirting boards, loose handles, wobbly chairs, scruffy beds or water marks on taps. Every detail needs to be on point to send the buyer away happy rather than let down.

If you want to create beautiful, memorable, expectation smashing show homes get in touch with roost to work with you on your next project.


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