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See the wood for the trees...

Following on from recent post on charity shop finds, I looked out our window the other day and saw a perfect set of 4 dark wood chairs and a corner unit discarded outside someones door being totally ruined in the pouring rain...which makes me very sad.

The “one man’s trash” statement is totally true here because dark and warm tone woods are making a comeback after the long reign of the scandi-inspired interior and the trend for the imperfect finish lives on (hurray!) after the popularity of natural finishes like rattan, bamboo and raw materials I love the warmth that darker woods bring, and it looks great with an olive green, obviously my personal favourite!

And if you’re worried these won’t sit with any lighter wood pieces you might have - don’t! As a natural materials it’s totally expected to have a range of tones even in the same piece...and forests aren’t always made up of the same tree 😉. Use the stunning interiors below as a guide.


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