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Unexpected wins from working with an interior designer

We talk a lot about professional design saving your time and money, as well as boosting your return on investment. However, there are so many more benefits that may be more surprising...

You feel part of a team... potentially gaining a friend & accountability partner

Although very much a people business, property can be very lonely. Analysing deals and going through planning is often done in front of a screen and even being on site surrounded by people can still be alienating if you feel out of your depth.

An interior designer becomes your ally (so make sure you like them!), creating the bridge between you and the trades so not only do you feel part of a team, you feel more confident asking for what you want.


Find a team that not only lifts you up but cheers you on…finding the professionals to leverage their knowledge and experience is worth the networking, the cost and the time. My team has my best interests at the core of what they do and offer, plus we have ‘in jokes’ …

Client Kim - Hi Living

Interior designer selecting wood finishes for a moodboard.

You feel more in control

Knowledge is power, and having a designer in your arsenal means that costs are kept up to date and plans are in place to ensure the project runs smoothly either through you or a project manager.

There is nothing worse than the overwhelm that can come with taking on a large project. At best it means months of stress worrying over every detail, at worst it means costs spiralling and timelines increasing.

You won't need marriage counselling

This is a joke, but most people would admit to having a...disagreement...with their partner over how something should be done or look. Never underestimate how much an outside (and expert) mediator can help in these situations!

You're more likely to buy more property!

How many of us have gone through a refurb in the wrong way and vowed "never again"? This is because they weren't enjoying the process — most likely because of stress and overwhelm.

As much as design is the fun part of property (to us anyway!) and it's tempting to take it on yourself, having an in-house expert means the big decisions are made early and anything that comes up on site can be dealt with quickly, without any stress or time pressure for you. Because of this we find our clients enjoy the process more and are actually excited to find their next deal, rather than dreading it.

Your confidence is multiplied

Property isn't easy.

You need to wear so many different hats along the journey that it's nigh on impossible for one person to do it all. So if you're a numbers person, aren't used to designing professionally or intimidated by the insta-perfect interiors of other developers, feeling stressed and overwhelmed isn't surprising.

Working with someone that can take you though the process (who has done it thousands of times themselves) is a sure fire way to increase your confidence in the creative side of property. This is why finding the right designer for your team is imperative, if they're more interested in their own creative rather than listening to your needs, run a mile!

If you're considering adding a designer to your power team, drop me an email or book a discovery call to see if we're the right fit for your business.

— Charlotte —


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