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How to add more storage to your home

Storage sells. On nearly every job we do, more cupboard space has been a key requirement of the design. So yes— we’ve designed a lot of bespoke joinery, but there are other ways to use your space to maximise storage without breaking the bank.

Utilise every mm

Any awkward niches are prime examples when going bespoke will pay off. Not only will it save the headache of finding freestanding furniture that fits, but will also maximise storage, reduce clutter and make the room flow better.

Sources: McCormack Joinery | Pinterest

Utilise your ceiling height

Especially in bedrooms and kitchens. A lot of kitchen manufacturers (including IKEA and Howdens) now do taller 900mm+ units, which means that previously wasted 6+ inches above your kitchen cupboards is now usable storage space. Plus having units all the way up to the ceiling visually extends your ceiling height, giving the sense of more space. Win-win.

Be clever with your furniture

Beds, coffee tables, even chaise sofas can all have added storage benefits, so if you’re working with a tight space don’t waste an inch… when you could be packing it full of stuff.

Built in white storage seating by Studio McGee - Interior Design for Property Developers

Source: McGee & Co

Large space but still no storage?

If you’ve got a big space to play with - build a wall! Having a full wall dedicated to cupboards is such a luxury and if you can afford the floorspace it’ll change your home and bring a new feature to the room…especially if you add a bar like we did for one client 😜

Quick tip - IKEA PAX are 236cm tall which is just shy of the average room height…built in look, less money. You can also pull smaller units together to create your wall of storage and just go custom on the doors - the possibilities are endless! Just because cabinets are made for a kitchen or bedroom doesn't mean they need to stay there...

If you’ve done all of the above and are still struggling you might need to plump for a storage unit like us because lord knows we have nowhere to store 10ft ladders in our 2 bed flat...



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