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Beautiful Arches & Curves

Archways and curves in general are one of those things I just can't get enough of in interiors. I'm in no way a minimalist when it comes to design but I do like a clean line and with archways you get this perfect juxtaposition of structure with femininity and softness - without losing the strength of shape. I feel that it gives a more luxurious and considered finish because of it's more irregular form and the amount of work/craftsmanship that usually needs to go into a curve is a lot more than you're standard rectangle/square (plus the waste involved). Unfortunately we don't all have stunning curved doorways in our homes but you can create a similar look at home with accessories, lighting, paint and even door handles - the possibilities are endless! Try pairing a curved object within a very straight space and see how much interest it can bring. Check out all the beautiful arches below as a guide...


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