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How to maximise your seating

The most common request we get for living rooms is how to squeeze more bums on may automatically be drawn to the largest possible sofa you can find but if a sofa prevents you having additional chairs or side tables it will start to work against you and make your space less sociable, which is not the general here's a few of our best sofa tips to guide you!

Size does matter

Just because a sofa will fit in the room, doesn't mean that it's the right size for it. We have the floorspace for a king size bed in our bedroom but we wouldn't be able to walk around it, so the space wouldn't function properly. So if you’ve ever tried to have a conversation on a single 4 seater sofa you’ll get what I mean when I say it is not the most social seating arrangement. A sofa that takes up 2/3 of the wall will generally see you right in terms of proportion but there's really no need to go bigger if it means sacrificing the elements that make a room work; side tables, lamps etc. Your living room is so much more than your sofa...

Leave room for lamps in your seating plan - Interior Design for Property Developers

Where do the bums not on the sofa go?

Depending on the space left, creating a circular shape with one or two armchairs and the sofa will balance the floorplan and make the space more social as people can now sit facing each other.

Use curved seating to balance the floorplan - Interior Design for Property Developers

Source: Soho Home

Corner Sofas

These are one of those things that seem like they should fit more people on them but they don't as the awkward corner space rarely gets filled unless you're stretching out. Unless you've got a huuuge space, it's more bums on seats you're looking for opt for a regular sofa with accent chairs as it'll provide a more sociable environment and will make the room feel more balanced.

Think outside the sofa

Pouffes and stools are great decorative pieces to add character to a space that can then also transform into practical seating when needed. Unlike a sofa, these can be moved from room to room with ease making your spaces so much more adaptable for different occasions.

An interior designer top tip is to use an upholstered ottoman as a coffee table, as this can again be moved for more seating, or if you get a sofa with flat arms for extra perching space!


Upholstered Ottomans provide extra seating - Interior Design for Property Developers

Source: McGee & Co


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