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Now...where do I begin?

...when you don’t know where to start…

It can be daunting taking on a whole house renovation and it can be so tempting to focus on one room, get that done, then move onto the next. Yes, this breaks it down into manageable pieces, but rooms designed separately from one another can end up looking like a melting pot of different styles and ideas. Before you know it things have spiralled, you don’t know where you are, the trades are in and every decision feels like an absolute mission that involves a 4 hour (at least) deep dive into Pinterest or a frantic Google…familiar?

Overwhelm is real in this scenario but here’s why taking a step back to look at the bigger picture first (ie the whole project at once) can massively help:

Moodboard by roost - Interior Design for Property Developers

👆 Board completed as part of a recent design discovery piece for a residential reno

➕ Saves time - it might take a while to get to a place you’re happy, but once that initial vision is there, each and every decision after will be so much quicker! Curate your vision board and keep it handy, stick it on the wall or put it in your bag even so every time you're finding yourself spiralling or you see something you like, check it out again and see if all sits together.

➕ Reduces mistakes - a clear vision and planning means you’ve got time to work through any potential problems (saving £££). Aside from that it will help curb the impulse purchases that often end up with "where the hell are we going to put that?!"

➕ Reduces stress - even when things don’t go exactly to plan, pre-planning makes it much easier to adapt if minor things crop up and you'll be confident enough to make changes that still keep your big idea in mind.

➕ Provides focus - having a mammoth project to take on can be pretty overwhelming to even a seasoned developer but having the end vision in mind gives clarity that can then be broken down room by room, rather than the other way around where you're bolting on spaces hoping they will fit with what's already be done.

If you’re feeling the overwhelm, book a discovery call on our website (totally free!) and let’s chat about your project.




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